“Great social game that had the whole party
laughing and excited to play again!”

– Elan Lee, Creator of Exploding Kittens

“It’s the perfect filler game! It’s frenzied, freakish and fun!”

-Mark Swanson, Creator of Feudum

Sideshow Swap! Lion Tamer

“Sideshow Swap! is one of those deceptively simple games…But, the game has surprisingly deep strategic elements.”

– Rob Huddleston, GeekDad – Read the Review

“It takes two seconds to learn, 10-15 minutes to play, and creates some really fun laughs, cheers, and groans.”

– Braden Knutson, Just Simple Reviews – Read the Review

“This game will likely be played more for us than
Love Letter… [it] adds so much strategy.”

– Mackenzie Hoffman, The Meeple Street – Read the Review

“In a Kickstarter world of pasted-on themes and minis, this game stands out and hits all the marks.”

– James Freeman, Everything Board Games – Read the Review

“A lot of fun, easy to teach, and one of those ‘mess with you’ games that I really enjoy…Splits the barrier between family fun time and gamer fun time.”

– Lance Myxter, Undead Viking Videos – See the Review

“It’s fun, enjoyable, crazy, hectic. We had a lot of fun… We’ll definitely be hitting the table with this more often, specifically when we have family game night.”

– Michael Wright, Unfiltered Gamer – See the Review

Sideshow Swap! Human Pretzel
Sideshow Swap! Lion Tamer