“Great social game that had the whole party
laughing and excited to play again!”

– Elan Lee, Creator of Exploding Kittens

“It’s the perfect filler game! It’s frenzied, freakish and fun!”

-Mark Swanson, Creator of Feudum

Sideshow Swap! Lion Tamer

“Sideshow Swap! is one of those deceptively simple games…But, the game has surprisingly deep strategic elements.”

– Rob Huddleston, GeekDad – Read the Review

“It takes two seconds to learn, 10-15 minutes to play, and creates some really fun laughs, cheers, and groans.”

– Braden Knutson, Just Simple Reviews – Read the Review

“This game will likely be played more for us than
Love Letter… [it] adds so much strategy.”

– Mackenzie Hoffman, The Meeple Street – Read the Review

“In a Kickstarter world of pasted-on themes and minis, this game stands out and hits all the marks.”

– James Freeman, Everything Board Games – Read the Review

“A lot of fun, easy to teach, and one of those ‘mess with you’ games that I really enjoy…Splits the barrier between family fun time and gamer fun time.”

– Lance Myxter, Undead Viking Videos – See the Review

“It’s fun, enjoyable, crazy, hectic. We had a lot of fun… We’ll definitely be hitting the table with this more often, specifically when we have family game night.”

– Michael Wright, Unfiltered Gamer – See the Review

“There’s a solid arc of confusion, the sense that you’re working along, learning card information and the game processes and then finally the sudden realization that the game is about to force you to do one of several things you don’t want to do and we’re very much off to the races.”

Man O’ Kent Games – See the Review

Sideshow Swap! Human Pretzel
Sideshow Swap! Lion Tamer