Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a copy of the game?

Right now, you can’t. Sign up for our mailing list and follow us on Twitter and we’ll let you know when and where it’s available.

How many players can play Sideshow Swap!™?

The game was designed for 2 to 8 players, no even numbers required, no teams.

How long does it take to play a round of Sideshow Swap!™?

It depends on the number of players. Typically we see two-player games go in 5-10 minutes, 3-5 player game usually around 15-25 minutes and 6-8 player games taking anywhere from 25-45 minutes.

What are the contents of the game?

16 Performer Cards, 8 Turn Reference Cards, 44 Tickets, 10 Now Playing! Tickets, 40 Bux and Instructions.

What size are the cards?

The performer cards are 2.5″ x 3.5″. The tickets are 2″ x 3.25″. We put a lot of care into choosing the finest size, finish, and thickness combinations for these cards for durability and ease of shuffling.

Is this a party game?

Absolutely! We have even played it at packed bars! It’s a blast!

Sideshow Swap! Strongman

Is this game family friendly?

Yes! We’ve played this players as young as seven years old and they picked it up right away. (They could even play it the next day without reading the rules again!)

Why the sideshow and not the main show?

Ultimately, we thought it’d be much funnier to make a sideshow based game instead of a circus game. Plus, Sideshow Swap!™ has a nice ring to it.

Sideshow Swap! Bearded Lady

Why did Jabu get rid of all his worldly possessions except the waffle iron?

Because waffles are delicious! As for the rest, who knows. We don’t question the guru.

How does Daisy’s get her beard so smooth?

We hear the secret is horse shampoo. Never tried it, never will.

What’s this about a video game?

We had started to create a Sideshow-themed game for the Apple TV and got distracted by our boring day jobs and never finished it. We might finish it someday, but instead of letting all the great things we came up with go to waste, we figured out how to re-use some of the good stuff in a card game.

What about the exploitation of “freaks” in world history?

We’re aware of the history of sideshows – there are some good things, some bad. Our position is that we celebrate all people. We encourage you to learn more. Besides, all of our performers volunteered for this job. Read more here.