Hello Sideshow Swap! Producer!

Thank you for helping us produce our game! Before we can make your custom, advance copy of Sideshow Swap!, we need to know what name you would like printed on the front of the box. Just answer the questions below and we’ll get started. You’ll still receive a formal Backer’s Survey from our pledge manager when it’s all setup, but this allows us to get a jump start on the Producer Editions.

The rules:

We can print anything you want on the box as long as it’s appropriate and is not another product name. This can be your full name (if it fits), your family name, or something like “Pete’s Edition” or “The Barnum Family”. For best results, keep your text shorter than 20 characters. If you need more space, you can have as many as 28 characters but the printing will be smaller to fit in everything and won’t look quite as nice.

Sideshow Swap! Knife Juggler