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Sideshow Swap!™ is an original, deduction-style party game based on cunning and chance. Players take turns swapping performer cards and playing tickets in an effort to sabotage others, all while trying to discover and hold the top performer before the game ends. Squirrel away money to play the best tickets and tilt the game in your favor. But beware! Other players are trying to ruin your plan as well, so it helps to keep track of where the best performers are as the chaos ensues. Cards are quickly and frequently changing between players, so you have to time your moves just right. The game ends when someone lays their last ticket, and players reveal their performers. The highest one wins!

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    “I feel like the cadence and comedy of this game make it really novel. The art is really cool.”

    Game Store ClerkMinneapolis, MN

    “It's fast paced and exciting. I honestly can't wait to buy this game.”

    Customer in Game StoreBoston, MA

    “It's like Love Letter, but with 3 extra dimensions.”

    Customer in Game StoreMinneapolis, MN

    “A versatile, fast-paced game I can grab and play anytime I’ve got a group together and know we’ll have a blast.”

    Volunteer Play TesterCanton, MI